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Indoor Air Quality Services - Solution for Radon Danger Level 4: The SaniDry Dehumidifier


Curt Drew, President of the National Radon Defense, discusses that the best solution to eliminating health issues from microbial growth (danger level 4) is with the SaniDry basement air system. The SaniDry is a high performance dehumidifier and air infiltration system that can remove up to 109 pints of water per day. The SaniDry is actually 6 to 8 times more effective at reducing humidity out of the air then a traditional small dehumidifier that you could typically find at your local box store. The SaniDry doesn't stop with dehumidification; it can also provide air infiltration. The XP is equipped with a MERV 11 air filter capable of trapping airborne particles as small as 2 microns.

SaniDry is an ENERGY STAR rated basement air system that is three times more efficient than a traditional consumer-branded dehumidifier. For a better picture the SaniDry uses the same amount of electricity as a small unit, but is 6-8 times more effective due to its unique design. Even if you have high humidity issues in a crawl space environment, we have a SaniDry CSB model that's perfect for the tight knee space of a crawl space.

For more information about the SaniDry basement air system talk to your local National Radon Defense dealer today. The SaniDry might be the only thing holding your home back from a healthier and more energy efficient home.

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